Igocki has a wide variety of capabilities to help you realize your vision.

These are a few of our talents.

  • LiME V2 Application

    The dated operating system for North American Aircraft Services’ (NAAS) Line Maintenance Division was slowing down response times. NAAS enlisted Igocki to develop an end to end application that connected mechanics and managers in real time.

  • The Fisher System

    Community Bible Study (CBS) was quickly outgrowing their membership data system. The platform was dated and failing to support the operations of their ministry. CBS reached out to Igocki to replace their current system with a modern solution.

What Our Clients Say

The smartest guy in the room I have seen in a very long time. [On Nishant Mathew, Igocki CEO.]

Etienne de Bruin

CTO, Monk Development & 7CTO

I am very excited about the future. [Igocki] made a huge contribution to the long-term success of CBS through their efforts with Fisher. 

Andrew Jordan

Board Member, Community Bible Study